Scavenger Hunt - Save the Date

Ride or Drive Scavenger Hunt

Save the Date! Scavenger Hunt on April 14, 2019 (Rain or Shine)

Kelsey O'Shay's is hosting Shady Hollow's rain or shine spring fundraiser. This is a Ride or Drive event that is open to people of all ages for family fun!

Details: Scavenger Hunting teams can be made up of 2 or more people. At check in each team will receive a list of items that they are to find located in the surrounding area (15 mile radius), the goal is to find and document as many items on the list as possible while staying with your team. After the scavenger hunt, join us back at Kelsey O'Shay's for refreshments (some are provided and more available for purchase). The winner of the hunt will be announced shortly after the last car returns and all points are tallied. Stay tuned for more details. 

Shady Hollow Scavenger Hunt 1.png