Service Learning

A brief description of our Service Learning Program is provided below.  Specific lesson plans are designed for the needs and goals of each group.  Groups of up to (6) are preferred.  Programs are available in (8) week sessions, each visit is approximately 3 hours.

Please contact us to schedule a session or to learn more about this therapy experience.


SHAR Service-Learning Program

· Our service-learning (S-L) program uses horses to teach life skills; practical and interpersonal. 

· Students participate in horse care, barn management, and farm maintenance.

· Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)* curriculum is fueled by psycho-educational sessions of Equine Assisted Learning (EAL).

· Service-learning is an opportunity to translate learned skills into behavior and action.  

Equine Assisted Learning is a unique learning experience that engages the student in a powerful, experiential process.  It focuses on the development of social and emotional skills.  These lessons will be reinforced throughout the day at Shady Hollow.  EAL does not involve riding or horsemanship, rather, it uses the horse herd as a tool to model communication, boundary setting, and collaboration, while providing direct and non-judgmental feedback [from the horses] to the students’ social and emotional capabilities.

For example, a person must communicate and conduct themselves in a certain way in order to get the response they are looking for from the horse.  Success in a relationship is the goal, and the horse provides the interest and motivation to reach this goal.  What is learned from the horse is directly transferable to human relationships and provides a platform for discussion, awareness, and real change.

*Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is a research based approach designed to improve five core competencies; self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.  In addition to the socio-emotional value, research has shown SEL to improve academic performance for all populations.  We deliver our SEL curriculum through the process Equine Assisted Learning.