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Shady Hollow Assisted Riding is a non-profit organization incorporated in 1998. We provide a supportive equine environment where individuals with physical, cognitive and/or emotional challenges can experience therapeutic, social and educational rewards.  As a non-profit we rely greatly on donations and support from our community.

Our Assisted Riding Program is designed for our clients with special needs who otherwise cannot independently ride. Through Assisted Riding Lessons, individuals with special needs can improve their self-confidence, increase muscle strength, enhance balance, learn teamwork, and develop social skills. The horse is an equalizer in an otherwise unequal world.

For individuals without special needs, we offer year round horseback riding lessons, both private and group, starting as young as 7 years of age. We also provide learning opportunities for pre-school up to 1st grade, with Beginner Packages and Little Breeches.  Camps are offered during the summer for children 5-11 years old as well as our festive Holiday Horse Camp offered during holiday break from school.

We are also proud to offer Equine Assisted Psychotherapies at our farm.  Our team of horses, Mental Health Counselor and Equine Specialist can provide you with this unique alternative therapy.  Available to individuals who are frustrated with traditional talk therapy are our Therapeutic Horsemanship Classes and Private Counseling Services.  The Adjunct Therapy service is ideal for therapists experiencing a resistant client or "stuck" client.  Opportunities for groups of up to 6 is our Service Learning Program and Equine Assisted Learning sessions.

Shady Hollow offers unique opportunities for volunteering as well. Our volunteers are the backbone of the Assisted Riding Program. Volunteers prepare the horses for lessons by grooming and tacking. During the lessons, they become leaders and side walkers assisting the rider on the horse. Besides lessons, volunteers donate their time helping with fundraising events, educational seminars, fairs and expos.

Shady Hollow is a year round working farm currently caring for over 20 horses, 90 acres of farm land and over 3 miles of trails. It’s a wonderful place to come for a visit any time of the year. The barn doors are always open!


Assisted Riding Program

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