We appreciate any and all donations. Listed below are examples of how you can help.


Donations and sponsorships of any amount are always appreciated. Here are some ideas of how you can help!  A Sponsorship Pledge Form is available.

Go shopping on Amazon!  Follow the link to Amazon Smile a portion of your purchases will automatically be donated to SHAR!

Help care for a Horse at Shady Hollow...

All of our horses are grain fed twice a day.  They are given hay three times a day.  Stalls are cleaned daily as well as paddocks.  Each horse has their own private stall. To conserve money we use shredded newspaper in our stalls.  Besides being more economical than straw, newspaper is also more absorbent and odor reducing.  Manure is spread daily in our fields and pastures to help produce healthy crops of soy beans and corn.  Our horses also receive regular chiropractic adjustments, yearly visits from the dentist as well as all routine veterinary checkups.  The cost to take care of just one horse for a week can easily cost $150-$250.  We have approximately 25 horses at SHAR.  Please consider sponsoring one of our equine friends.
Help with scholarship for an Assisted Rider...

Our Assisted Riding Season generally includes 12-14 lessons.  Lessons run in (3) Sessions from March to November and are offered every other week.  Our ½ hour assisted riding lessons include one trained instructor per rider, a horse and anywhere from 1-4 volunteers assisting with the horse and rider. Each lesson is $40 with a complete Session costing approximately $240.00.  A full scholarship per student is $720.00.

Help with continued education for a Transitional Rider

Our Transitional Riders participate in lessons year round.  These are students that began in the Assisted Riding program.  They have overcome countless odds and have grown into an independent rider.  Transitional lessons are (1) hour in length and include one trained instructor per 1-3 riders. Each rider has their own horse and has minimal assistance from 1-2 volunteers.  Each lesson is $40, lessons are offered every other week with approximately 24 lessons a year, approximately $900.00.

Help with barn and farm maintenance...

Shady Hollow sits on over 90 acres of farm land.  We have three miles of trails, wooded and grass pastures, corn/soy fields.  There are 3 barns on the property each with stalls, water, storage and hay lofts.  There is a workshop for maintenance on equipment, a pavilion for storage as well as events and lighted indoor and outdoor riding arenas.  To say there is always something that needs fixed or replaced is an understatement!  The average cost of electricity alone can cost over $350 a month!